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Nowhere are people as dependant on technology than when at work. Computers, mobile phones, printers, servers, monitors, telephones, the list goes on and on.

Moving sockets, every time the office furniture moves around to accommodate new staff can be an extremely expensive activity.

Whatever the size of building, from a small business office to a corporate headquarters, mainline offers style, simplicity, future proofed and cost effective flexibility.

With many companies now adapting agile working practices, hot desks are a necessity in offices. Mainline provides the perfect answer to such environments.

Mainline can also be installed into desks, lockers, tables, you name it! (See our Integration section for more information.)

Imagine an office where employees are free to work anywhere. Imagine eliminating workspace reconfiguration costs. Imagine having a totally future proofed power system in your building.

We did. That’s why we invented Mainline.

Case studies

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Leonard Cheshire




Reinier Van Arkel



Shepherd Engineering Services


A selection of some of our clients in this field

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About Mainlinepower
Internationally accredited by Kema, VDE and Intertech, and with a worldwide distribution network, Mainline’s mission is to deliver simple access to power and data for people by providing the world’s first universal power connection standard. The company has won numerous awards globally, including the RedDot Design Award and the Australian Design Award.