The modern home can be a truly versatile space. A space that needs a modern power system to match; one that’s in tune with contemporary living.

Kitchens, bedrooms, home offices or even workshops, are awash with technology which is only on the increase. The way you access power has now become an integral part of your interior design and living plans, so don’t limit yourself to a few badly placed fixed sockets – let Mainline open up your home to a world of flexibility.

Today, every room has its own set of gadgets. The average teenager for example will have a lamp, digital clock, iPhone charger, laptop or tablet, T.V, Games Console, and perhaps an electric guitar as well! And guess what? All these items are probably still connected to the same single power outlet that was installed in the room last century! There will be an unsightly and unsafe cluster of power boards, double adaptors – probably gathering dust as it is pushed under a bed or behind a TV.

Imagine having the flexibility to use your kitchen appliances anywhere on the surfaces. Imagine Being able to do away with unsafe extension cables.

We did. That’s why we invented Mainline.

Case studies

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Geri Jones

Steve Moyle

Parool Patel


Bhavin Raghwani


Chris Wilson


About Mainlinepower
Internationally accredited by Kema, VDE and Intertech, and with a worldwide distribution network, Mainline’s mission is to deliver simple access to power and data for people by providing the world’s first universal power connection standard. The company has won numerous awards globally, including the RedDot Design Award and the Australian Design Award.