How it works

Mainline is suitable for new constructions, renovations and refurbishment projects. It becomes a part of your buildings power infrastructure and can either be installed as part of a ring, radial or a spur.

Moving Sockets

How to add, remove or reposition a socket.

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The track contains three copper strips (busbars) which represent the live, earth and neutral cables of your network, and houses them in a safe, discreet manner so only accessible through our specially designed sockets.

By inserting one of our power or data sockets into the track and twisting to make a connection, you have access whenever, and wherever you want it. No restrictions, no limitations.

And best of all, all of our country specific sockets work on exactly the same track!

The solution is great for our home and matches our design taste perfectly.

Geri Jones
Home owner


Add, remove or reposition sockets wherever or whenever they are needed!

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Mainline has been designed to give you the same level of power and data you are used to today, but in a much more flexible way.

More often than not there will always be power sockets in the wrong place or simply not enough to start with. Network points often suffer the same issue, or the speeds simply aren’t up to satisfying your demands. Well times have changed. Now you needn’t worry about getting the position of sockets right, or that your wireless connection may drop out, as Mainline has the solution.

In any environment, Mainline can be seamlessly installed into walls, skirting boards or trunking systems in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional fixed sockets. With a range of finishing options available, Mainline meets your power, data and design needs equally.


High speed and secure data networking at any point? We've got it covered.

data socket

data chart

By partnering with Power Ethernet, we have developed the world’s first Mainline movable data networking socket.

The socket provides high speed and secure data networking at any point along the mainline track, with no extra data cables required.

Your home or building is already connected together by all the electrical cabling that runs throughout it. Our product uses this electrical cabling and cleverly passes data through it!

In a world-first, this Premium data Socket bridges the gap between the flexibility of Wi-Fi technology and the reliability and speed of a fixed network point, providing users with the best possible coverage anywhere in their home or workplace.


Mainline's system solved both problems with one solution. Power where we want it and the same with high speed data networks.

Alexander Hall
Home owner

Safety & Standards

Mainline has been carefully developed to assure the safety of the user.



About Mainlinepower
Internationally accredited by Kema, VDE and Intertech, and with a worldwide distribution network, Mainline’s mission is to deliver simple access to power and data for people by providing the world’s first universal power connection standard. The company has won numerous awards globally, including the RedDot Design Award and the Australian Design Award.